Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Aiden's 1st Black Eye

The other day, Aiden was playing with his trucks, and ran into the dining room chair, and it gave him his 1st Black eye. Poor little guy!!

He is getting so big. He is finally getting more teeth. His bottom right one finally came in last Wednesday (2/27) and it looks like the left one should be coming through in the next few days. He has been the slowest kid to get his teeth out of all 3 of them. He only has 4 on top and now 3 on bottom and he is 18 months old. I will be so glad when he has all his teeth, he drools as bad as a St. Bernard. Gotta love him though. :)

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The Payson Olsen's said...

Poor Baby!!! I sure love you guys, and miss you.... He is getting so big!!!